Shopify Analytics Experts

You don’t have to be a data nerd to love and appreciate eCommerce analytics. Business and website owners can learn a lot from the numbers pulled from their web traffic, hits and page views. Website analytics will help define your target market, research better keywords and increase your business with quality marketing. Sound complicated? It’s not when Zenergylabz can show you the way!

With our expertise, we can help you focus on the important data and create reports that you can read, understand, and utilize. Data can also be pulled from social media accounts, creating social analytics that let you dig deep into the importance of who, when and how you’re interacting with your customers. By harnessing this information and applying it to your website, marketing and sales goals, you can transform the way you use your website. Targeted marketing backed by eCommerce analytics will get you the results you’ve been waiting for!

Zenergylabz is well-versed in data analysis, social media marketing, SEO and more, creating an all-encompassing solution for your online presence. Take advantage of our experience and redefine how you interact with your consumers with social analytics and customized reports. You may be surprised at the information we can discover about your fans and customers!

Creating targeted plans and setting specific goals will elevate your website to the next level. Let us help you dig into the world of eCommerce analytics and discover all the information hiding within that you can use to your advantage! Data like this isn’t just for number geeks anymore – it’s for you and your business!

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