Email Marketing

Shopify email marketing experts

Get in touch and stay in touch with your customers with targeted email campaigns. Easy to do, cost efficient and effective, email marketing may be traditional but it is definitely not out of style. Whether you send out newsletters, sale notices or new product announcements, you can reach your whole target base in a single click. Or you can target specific segments with more tailored messages based on demographics, prior purchases or any other qualifier you choose to market to. Create and drive demand for your products or services with email advertising and the help of Zenergylabz.

Staying in the Inbox and out of the Spam Folder isn’t a challenge when you’re sending messages that your customers want to see, read, and react to. Email campaigns can be tailored to fit your needs, whether it’s driving sales or simply staying connected with your customers. With years of marketing experience under our belts, we can show you the best ways to run your email marketing campaigns, hit all the right places and entice your readers to take action.

While it may not seem like the most inventive way to communicate with your customers, it is effective and simple. The classics are classics for a reason and email campaigns have fallen into that category. With a smartphone in every pocket, email is still the perfect way to reach out to your target markets, even when they’re on the go. Jump into the email game with Zenergylabz and watch your business thrive with targeted messages, delivered directly where you want them to go.

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