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Zenergylabz resides in downtown Santa Rosa, California, the largest city north of San Francisco and about 45 minutes away from everything. Seriously, the beach is about 45 minutes West. The mountains and Napa are about 45 minutes East. 45 minutes North you’ll find the beautiful Redwoods and getting to the Golden Gate bridge from here will run you about 45 minutes, if you have a little bit of a lead foot.

Our foundation is in internet marketing

Before internet marketing was a thing, our founders had already figured out the secret sauce behind how search engines worked. Over the past 13+ years we have been consistently helping websites rank on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. And as anyone who’s ever owned a website can tell you, the search ecosystem is an ever-changing landscape which makes that feat pretty substantial. It’s a skill that we’ve honed over the years and we’re proud to say we’re experts in it.

We’re not just a one trick pony

In addition to our internet marketing prowess, we pride ourselves on all things internet including web design, web development, conversion optimization and content marketing to name a few. We understand that it’s not enough to be great at one thing. Rather, you have to have a deep understanding of all the aspects of being online. The ever evolving internet is something you cannot tame with just one skill set. It’s the reason why we hire the best and brightest minds from the surrounding area.