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Why Shopify Is the Best eCommerce Platform

Posted on June 29, 2015 by

With the readiness and ease that modern technology has given us, the way people buy and sell goods has developed a vast array of desirable options. Businesses have found countless ways to reach new clients around the world, and our communities are more connected than ever before. However, this convenience brings complications when merchants need to keep track of all their avenues of sales. ECommerce platforms have become a popular method of assisting in this, and Shopify in particular stands out as a unified and simple way to bring eCommerce to your company. Shopify has already helped over 165,000 small businesses perfect their sales process. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business already or you’re just getting started– Shopify can offer you the tools you need to succeed in online sales and in-person sales to your highest profit.

With Shopify, you can easily sell in person, without worries or complication. Sometimes face-to-face contact is the best way to make an impression, and if you have your own storefront or sell as a pop-up shop, they have the resources you need to keep things reliable. Shopify offers retail support strategies and tools for all your in-store needs, and when you’re on the go, they’ve still got your back. They offer a free credit card reader to all users, compatible with iPhones and iPads, so there’s never the inconvenience of requiring cash. With their point of sale system, you can also input all varieties of custom payments into your account so all your sales information can be retained in the same place.

Creating a new online store just for your products is a simple, quick process. If you already sell from a location and want to expand to web sales, or want to create a customized website for a business that exclusively sells online, Shopify offers use of original domain names to brand your company. Shopify can help you build a webpage that’s streamlined, customer-friendly, and with search engine optimized content so your site can begin to build up traffic and clients. Once your customer base is established, you’ll have access to straightforward store management tools to observe customer profiles and habits, and easily categorize clients based on anything from location to purchase history.

Each store is customizable to your exact preferences, and no design skills are needed. They offer hundreds of templates and styles that you can modify and tweak as intensely as you want. If you’re more technologically skilled, and want to make your own unique adjustments to your store’s look, all users have access to the full HTML and CSS of their site. All storefronts are also mobile commerce-ready, so customers can browse and buy via their mobile devices with a simple click.

Carry unlimited items with huge variance in size or style and keep inventory tracking easy. In online retail it’s beneficial to offer a wide array of options to suit any kind of client’s taste, but it’s often difficult to manage. Shopify can help track stock counts and will notify you and stop selling items when they are out of stock. SEO product tags make your store easy to find through search engines. You’ll also be able to organize your collections based on season, sale, pricing, vendor, or other categories to create an individualized website that fits your merchandise and customers best. For digital products, customers can purchase and download directly from your storefront.

Shopify also offers the technology and support to turn any existing website into an online store. Cross-posting of products on multiple platforms is no longer a hassle with their ‘Buy’ buttons. Turn a crafting blog on Tumblr or WordPress into a sales platform in addition to a fun creative environment and give your readers a chance to easily access your wares. Even Pinterest creators can get on board with their new Buyable Pins! A Squarespace website with ‘Buy’ buttons is a great way for visual artists and designers of all varieties to both showcase their work and make sales simpler.

With Shopify you have access to multichannel eCommerce service, available to all users. This allows you to sell on multiple channels and platforms without the frustration of performing manual tasks to collate data, synchronize sales and customer lists, and keep track of shipping and profits. Shopify supports three separate channels, an online storefront, in-store point-of-sale, and ‘Buy’ buttons for other websites and social media. Each of these channels can be reviewed individually or seen in one cohesive place. This fantastic idea helps keep customer experience consistent across all platforms and allows you as the merchant to have convenient access to all records and information, easily categorized and simple to understand.

Shopify offers 24/7 support to all users. They’re always ready to help you troubleshoot a problem or get advice on how to best use their convenient technology.

As the climate in which we buy and sell changes, allow your company to change with it. Shopify can be just the resource you need to revitalize and streamline the process for both customer and merchant. When running a business, choosing to make things simpler means you’ll have more time and energy to innovate and develop your business and product line to its full potential. Give yourself the space you need to be creative– you’ll see the benefit as you grow and develop as a retailer beyond anything you may have ever expected.

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